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Permanent staffing for any size company

Whether you’re an organization with limited resources, you're having a hard time filling a position, or you simply need a little extra help, Intelli Hiring will deliver the right candidate to your organization.


Intelli Hiring's goal is to be an extension of your team. We want to renew clients, not just make the hire and walk away. Our methods are less intrusive because we strive to know your culture and team as well as you do. That allows us to deliver only the top candidates.



Recruiting talent contributes to your company's productivity and growth. Without talent, your company can’t transform. Without transformation, your company can’t grow. That's why at Intelli Hiring we take a more relational, personal approach to our partnership. We believe that focusing on who the candidate is can be equally as importnat as the skills they possess, because "culture" isn't just a corporate buzzword. Finding and hiring the right fit has never been more important and we'll work hand in hand to make sure your candidates are a great culture, skills and intangibles fit.
Personal approach to all our clients

We have a unique understanding of the employer-employee fit (culture, skills, experience) that allows us to find the best talent for your organization. Our Talent Advocates work with you to evaluate your position and organization to identify the technical needs required as well as the core cultural needs required to make a long term and happy hire.

Dedicated hiring specialists

Forget about algorithmic hiring carried out by emotionless machines. With Intelli Hiring you'll get your own Talent Advocate to quickly identify and source talent. We rigorously screen each candidate based on the goals and needs addressed during your assessment. Then we'll deliver the top 3 candidtes for your review and final interview.

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