Managing Remote Employees in Tech

August 15, 2018
August 15, 2018 Slava Heretz

Managing Remote Employees in Tech

Gone are the days of every employee having a physical presence in the office during the 9-5, at least in tech. Many companies are relying on the flexible schedule of the remote employee to attract the best talent from around the world. This change in an employee-employer relationship has shifted everything from the onboarding process to day-to-day operations. The benefits of remote employees are vast. Tech companies need to adjust their management style to overcome the specific challenges that come with them.

Set Reasonable Expectations, Parameters, and Goals

One of the most significant challenges of remote employees is structure. Tech companies need to lay out precisely what they expect of their remote employees, any specific hours they need to work, and what goals they should be hitting. While it sounds somewhat constraining, it provides much-needed direction. Remote employees may feel a bit disconnected in their role without adequate guidance.

Effective Communication

When you have remote employees that are in different time zones, communication can be tricky. There are numerous tools out on the market to help streamline communication and promote collaboration. Slack, Basecamp, and Wrike are just a few project management and communication tools to help you connect effectively with remote employees.

Culture and the Onboarding Process

Even when employees aren’t in your office, it is important that they still feel as though they are part of a team. Structure your onboarding process to emphasize your company’s mission and help them feel connected. Start with video-based training and coaching to get them assimilated. Touch base with them face-to-face, or video-to-video during regular intervals. Ask them for their input on how to make things better. When they have ownership in the process, they will feel like part of the team.

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