3 Steps to a More Efficient Onboarding Process

September 4, 2018
September 4, 2018 Slava Heretz

3 Steps to a More Efficient Onboarding Process

You have made the perfect hire, but now the pressure is on to get them trained and assimilated. Your onboarding process should consist of creating a welcoming environment for the new hire while preparing them to take on their new role. Striking the perfect balance can be a challenge. Here are a few steps our clients have shared with us that helped lead to a more efficient onboarding process for their employees.

1) Prepare & Train Existing Employees to Manage New Ones

You can provide the best orientation system in the world, but if you don’t build a reliable support system for those new employees, they are destined to struggle. If you anticipate new hires, take some time to talk through the onboarding process and expectations in each department of your company. Listen to their concerns or questions, and craft a strategy on how to best assimilate the new hires into the company culture.

2) Prepare Workstations & Grant Program Access

Depending on how your office is structured, you may need to take some time and prepare their workstations. Make sure that each desk has the necessary supplies, everything is assembled correctly, and the chairs are in working order. A big time-saver is to prepare their arrival by already loading their work computer with necessary programming and apps. You could go one step further by ensuring they will have access to the programs you routinely use by granting permissions using their new work email accounts.

3) Plan a Fun Interactive Event or Lunch

Getting to know your new employees needs to be a priority. Building professional relationships between employees gives you the cohesiveness to build a successful company. Plan a fun work event or lunch within a week of their first day. Try to create a relaxed, casual environment where people feel comfortable to chat. Find out a bit more about them and what their career goals involve.

4) Follow Up

Make sure to follow up with new hires after they have been with your company for a few months. Talk to them about what they found was successful during their first initial weeks, what was challenging, and how you can do better. This will help further dictate how you shape your onboarding process.

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