How to Set Up Recruitment Online

September 10, 2018
September 10, 2018 Slava Heretz

How to Set Up Recruitment Online

One of the most prominent challenges businesses face is how to attract top talent. This is especially true of startups who haven’t had the time to establish a reputation in the industry. The key is to generate an online recruitment program that not only helps you obtain the best candidates but also is in line with your overall branding goals. Intelli Hiring goes a step above traditional headhunters and enables you to establish effective recruitment online.

Step One: What Do You Need?

One of the most important tasks to do is to sit down and brainstorm the perfect candidate. What education, training, or experience would be ideal? What are some “must-have” characteristics? What are some elements of their background that would be a deal breaker? What does the job entail? Is it remote? Where do you see this position going in the long-term? Write everything down. It is valuable information for your agency recruiter.

Step Two: Let’s Chat

After establishing what you need, our talent acquisition specialists get to work. We access specific employment channels, talk to our connections, and put out the word that your company is hiring. We also can create an attractive website that will persuade job seekers to apply.

Step Three: Only the Best

One of the advantages and disadvantages of recruitment online are that you have access to a rather large pool of talent to pull from. However, sorting through the thousands of resumes and cover letters can take days or even weeks. Intelli Hiring picks and chooses only the best candidates for the position, leaving you with a handful of ideal people to choose from.

Step Four: Make the Hire!

After you have gone through the entire process, you are left with someone who is exceptionally qualified for the position. Using Intelli Hiring, this can happen rather fast. In fact, the average time from posting to hire can be as little as two to three weeks! When it comes to top tech talent, that is no easy feat.

Interested in recruitment online? Contact the team of experts at Intelli Hiring and hire like a pro!